Records Management and Privacy Policies (RMP)

The University is the custodian of many types of information, including that which is confidential, proprietary and private. Individuals who have access to such information are expected to be familiar and to comply with applicable laws, University policies, directives, and agreements pertaining to access, use, protection and disclosure of such information. Computer security and privacy are also subject to law and University policy.

Information on the University's principles of privacy or on specific privacy laws may be obtained from the respective campus or laboratory information privacy office. The public right to information access and the individual's right to privacy are both governed by state and federal law, as well as by University policies and procedures. The legal provisions and the policies are based upon the principle that access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business is a fundamental and necessary right of every person, as is the right of individuals to privacy. 

University records management policies are found in the Business and Finance Bulletins in the Records Management and Privacy (RMP) series. The Associate Vice President – Information Technology Services in the UC Office of the President is delegated university-wide responsibility for records management and information practices policy. 

Ownership of Administrative Records

Records Access Notice

RMP-1: University Records Management Program

RMP-2: Records Retention and Disposition

RMP-4: Vital Records Protection

RMP-7: Protection of Administrative Records Containing Personally Identifiable Information

RMP-9a: Guidelines for Access to University Personnel Records by Governmental Agencies

RMP-9b: Guidelines for Access to University Personnel Records by Governmental Agencies

RMP-9c: Maintenance, Access, Opportunity to Request Amendment to University Personnel Records

Electronic Communications Policies

UC Electronic Communications Policy

IT-0003 Acceptable Use Policy

Information Security Policies

BFB-IS-3: Electronic Information Security 

BFB-IS-12: IT Recovery