When an employee (academic, staff or student) separates from the University, certain records management and privacy policies apply*. The following is a courtesy reminder of these policies.  This notice is not intended to convey any additional rights or responsibilities beyond these policies.

Where a unit incorporates this notice or an equivalent as part of its employee onboarding and offboarding process, the unit does not need to follow the procedures described in the "Access Without Consent" section of the UC Electronics Communications Policy (link below) to access records of separated employees. Guidance from Human Resources/Academic Personnel should be sought in the case of separations with special circumstances.

Separating employees must provide the University with copies of, or access to, all records in their possession that pertain to the administrative business of the University. Separating employees should remove their personal records and/or transfer them to their personal accounts, and the University shall provide the opportunity to do so. All remaining records (paper or electronic) may be accessed for future business use by the University at its sole discretion and without notice. This includes but is not limited to email and Google Apps files; any and all files on computers, other electronic devices, hosted environments, and file servers used during employment with UCSC, whether by individual (sole) or group (shared) access to those records; and all back-up copies of any such records. These records may be forwarded or transferred from accounts of separated employees so those accounts may be closed according to standard campus procedures. Please be advised that any remaining personal records could be incidentally accessed during these processes.

UC Business and Finance Bulletin RMP-1, University Records Management ProgramOwnership of Administrative Records, the UC Electronic Communications Policy, and the UCSC Implementation of the UC Electronic Communications Policy

Notice rev. 1/11/19