UC Santa Cruz creates and maintains information (both paper and electronic) while managing the activities that are central to University of California's mission of teaching, research, and public service.

The University of California Records Management Program governs the ownership, roles and responsibilities, protection, use, retention and disposal of university business records.

The UC Records Retention Schedule is a UC-wide policy and the agreement between the 10 campuses on how long we keep our data. The schedule is created and maintained by the UC Records Management Committee. Any deviations to the schedule must be requested and approved by the Campus Records Manager.

The Campus Records Manager provides guidance, outreach, and training to assist those who manage the lifecycle of university business records.

Program Objectives:

  • guidance on the classification, organization, and access to information
  • consult on information system design to meet UC records management policies
  • protection of records vital to the University
  • secure and compliant destruction of records
  • compliance with information security and privacy policies
  • preserve records of historical importance
  • oversee the Chancellor’s Administrative Archive
  • consultation on all digitization projects and system implementation/upgrade projects to ensure simple design requirements such as retention disposition modules, archivable format, strategic management of unstructured data (data not in tables such as email, reports, presentations, graphics).